Wrecka stow day

I was looking at the purported list of albums announced so far for Record Store Day 2018 and I feel underwhelmed.

There are so many albums that have not yet been pressed to vinyl, but the labels are busy with all manner of gimmicks from picture discs to groups covering classic albums and so on.

Even the ones I am slightly interested in aren’t ones I feel I must have.

I mean, it’d be nice to hear Piper at the Gates of Dawn in mono.

Or to have Tom Waits’ Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards on vinyl (even if I have to acquire it as three distinct releases).

Or the Hawkwind compilation.

Maybe the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison.

Or Redd Kross’ Third Eye.

Or the expanded vinyl Sin-é recordings from Jeff Buckley

Perhaps the double reissue of the Beau Brummels’ Bradley’s Barn.

But not one of these is something I’d camp out overnight for.

And given the sheer volume of releases, you can bet that a fair number are likely to be off-center on one side or worse as plants like Rainbo and United and Erika pump them out without much QC.


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