Tears for Fears–Ideas as Opiates

When this song started up on last night’s The Americans, I thought for a minute ‘oh, another Peter Gabriel song.’

Because I hadn’t heard Tears for Fears’ Ideas as Opiates for so long.

The percussion that opens the song is remarkably similar in feel and tone to that of Peter Gabriel’s Biko, or other tracks from his third solo album, often referred to as ‘Melt.’

Even the keyboard motif feels very much like Peter Gabriel.

But once Roland Orzabal joined in on vocals, it became clear that I had been fooled like, well, various characters over the years on this show.

Inspired by Arthur Janov, this austere and atmospheric cut is about how we believe what we want to believe at the expense of everything else.

In that way, it was a perfect selection for a show that has, to date, demonstrated considerable care in curating its soundtrack.

And each week raises the tension level to the point where the looming ending is going be almost unbearable, I think.