NPR’s List of the 150 best albums by women

So NPR did a poll of 4,500 voters to determine the best 150 albums by women, I guess to actually make up for their original attempt and the results are just as questionable.

I’ll let you have a look and see what you think, but the problems are pretty obvious in that there are too many recent albums that haven’t had time to demonstrate their long-term merit, there’s too much pop,  and there’s way too much Taylor Swift.

What is shocking is what’s missing.

Siouxsie and the Banshees (quibble over bands that have men in them if you want to, but the list does have acts such as Fleetwood Mac and Big Brother and the Holding Co.)



Yoko Ono

Lene Lovich


Gladys Knight

Billie Holiday

Joan Armatrading

And, somehow, no Laurie Anderson at all

Among others…

So always remember: the only list of great music that matters is the one you make for yourself.