Poem: Elizabeth

When I write Elizabeth

I do it without shame

or regret

but with intensity

as if we just met

because it is Elizabeth

when I write Elizabeth

there are standards

that i set

and many things

i must not forget

because it is Elizabeth

when i write elizabeth

i use a secret alphabet

that all may read

but none may get

except, of course



in a climate of hunters we became prey. out in the headlights we lost our way. did you not see the signs. did you see the threshold. once we were crossed, we forgot we were bold. time was much louder then. as were we. could nothing restore what we meant to be. no escape. no remorse for our public display. living. working. dreaming. the hunters are on their way.


this is
where i am today

not beyond
or between words

though they may
seem too small

they contain me
just as you do

and yet

i take as much space
as i can

and yet

you expand

until I am gathered
safely in

dreaming of
new words

to contain you.



There is no hell in here. And pain is not allowed. You may think that is impossible. But all the cracks will heal if you just take a breath. All the holes will fill with light until you burst into a song. I swear the night will not feel so tall then. And the moon will not be so indifferent to the dream we shared. Because when we close our eyes, they are not there. Nor are we.