Keep or Cull – a statement of purpose


I own a lot of LPs.

Like lots of them.

That picture you see here?

Thats some of my XMas albums.

And I’m a heathen.

So that gives you some idea as to why I say I have too many albums.

More than anyone needs to, or could realistically listen to in a lifetime, let alone two.

So I have decided to set myself a challenge: to randomly go through my record collection, pick items, and see if I need them.

Entries will provide some context about the selection in question, be it some encapsulation of the artist’s history, some background on the album, some personal connection to the music, and so on.

And as I do that, I will attempt to either assess the album in total or each song, coming to some decision as to whether I keep the LP or let go of it.

That said, I recognize there may be titles that do not resonate with me that you might be a fan of, and goal here is not to trade in the kind of self-satisfied dismissive nastiness most music critics do.

It all comes down to personal taste.

And mine changes on the regular.

So, with that in mind, let’s start picking apart a record collection that has been years in the making.