Sunday’s poem

I just want to make clear that I am not the hero of this story. I only heard there was a space that was unoccupied and i resolved to do something about it. Having completed the task, I want to express my gratitude to those who are guarded and private. And to the champions of desire who made this all improbable.

A poem for Saturday

I was restless and time was telling me things i did not want to know. I put on a private gaze and went outside. But there was nowhere i could go without thinking about danger. I came back to contemplate what i could do with my life and decided to dedicate it to you. The one who made me restless in the first place.

Today’s poem

I started looking for you again. I found an empty glass. An old haircut. Some evidence you were here. I looked around again. There was a guitar. A brush. A smile you used to wear. But i did not find you. I looked around again. There was writing. There were words. I read them and you emerged. I did not mean to keep you waiting so long. I did not mean to misplace you.

Today’s poem

I just wanted you to know i resumed dreaming. It has taken some time to get used to. If you aren’t careful, if you rise too suddenly, they disappear. But these ones seem substanial, permanent, almost familiar. They feel like they might come true. Let me close my eyes and share them with you.