Jessica Pratt–Back, Baby


There are albums and songs that see us through times of turmoil and strife, and in doing so become central to our personal dignity, to borrow a line from Scott Walker.

In fact, it was during a week of such awfulness that I first listened to Scott Walker.

My obsession with him was not immediate, and it really could have been that I might have rejected him completely for being associated with such an ugly era.

But that didn’t happen.

And slowly, I began to deeper and deeper into his music to the point where I am sure I play something by him almost every day.

About three years ago, I experienced even more profound difficulties in life, and it was at that time I discovered an album on Drag City by Jessica Pratt called On Your Own Love Again

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It’s rare that artists write their own goodbye, but that’s how Pink Floyd’s Jugband Blues has always sounded to me.

The song was the only one credited to him on the band’s second album, after he had dominated the credits on Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

It is tempting to read too much into the song, to assume Syd knew how the drugs and his apparent mental illness (he was never diagnosed),  and thus chronicled that, as well as the reaction of those around him to his deteriorating state.

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