Friday poem

I’ve come back to the night, because it never asked me questions, because i was uncertain, because i took the medication, because i signed a contract, because there were no exceptions, because i was alone

Thursday poem

You can find me anywhere people still dream. In a crowd. Down one street. In the margins. On the air. In the terms and conditions. Or stretched out on a blank canvas alone and waiting for inspiration to find me

Wednesday poem

Thank you for this shadow. This concise history of longing. This effortless season. This vague dialog. Thank you for this secret life. This early evening retreat. This new tradition. This body that will not rest for long. Thank you for all this. Thank you for now.

Tuesday poem

When i am gone

If anyone

Ever tells you

I wrote for love

they are right

After all

I always wrote

For you

Whether you

Were aware of this

Or not

But you

Should know

I wrote more

For you

Because i thought

You weren’t