poem: heart beat

the first time

you heard

your heart beat

did you know

you were complete

or did you

go looking

for another

assign it

to a string

of lovers

and when

you were done

following it about

did you modulate it

count it out

what is it

about that sound

that resonates more

than any word

that is

so intent

on being heard


Poem: Your Song Arrives

Your song arrives from far away with no signs of distress. It was a surprise. I did not know that you had my address. I had to sign for it. It’s good that I was in. You never know when something like that will come your way again. I took it out, I tried it on to see if it would fit. I spent at least a day or two familiarizing myself with it. It says that you are happy. It says that you are well. It says one or two other things that few people think to tell. Having sung it once or twice, it seems to suit me fine. Almost to the point where I sing it as if it were mine.